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DirecTV Whole Home

I read about DirecTV's Whole Home service today and excitedly logged in to my account to upgrade.

I quickly saw that the button to upgrade was not listed as available, but took heart in the "please call to activate" text.

Turns out that my two HD DVRs with ethernet (both of which are connected to the same network) are apparently not qualified and DirecTV needs an installer to come to my home with a NEW receiver, effectively replacing one HD DVR with another HD DVR.

Say what? Isn't it just a software thing?

It should be. More digging to come, though… until then, pffffffft. Lame.

Update: Software thing. I called, said I was in on the beta test for this and wanted to use my own networking in an unsupported fashion, and I was hooked right up. $3/month. I also got $10/month credit for my HD package because I'm on AutoBillPay. So for two years I'm saving $7/month over my previous package. Woo.