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Brian Kelley, Notre Dame Head Coach

Brian Kelley was going to be at the Stack and Tilt school today. He cancelled at the last minute, but Dave's heading to Notre Dame to teach him next week.

Who is Brian Kelley? Oh, just the head football coach of Notre Dame. He's replaced the despised-by-everyone Charlie Weis.

Stack and Tilt - and Golf Evolution - is spreading.

The school today was great. We had a lot of hard workers and some students were really showing good signs of improvement. Many of the students are newer to golf in general now, which is great because it shows how well the S&T method works - first-time golfers are hitting push-draws with solid contact all day long. It's a sight to see.

Oh yeah - Dave says he'll pick up a "Play like a champion today" sign for over the door to the Academy. 😉