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Falling Behind

So lately I've been falling behind on the blog. I still write something nearly every day, but most days they amount to something like this:

"BK ND / Other students"

Yeah, that's what I had for nearly two weeks for yesterday's post.

Not that anyone cares (hi), I've vowed to catch up. I will catch up. I promise.

3 Responses to "Falling Behind"

  1. I have tried at various times to write every day, but in the end backdating my posts always seemed like a cop-out (and the actual date I wrote it was more important to me). If it is not helping you lead the remarkable life that you want to lead, give yourself permission to let it go and write when you have something you want to say.

  2. Enjoy the weather, plenty of time to catch up with the writing in the winter.

  3. Yeah write when you want to write and don't force yourself to do it. That will only end up bad. Don't treat blogging like work where you have to come in everyday. ^_^