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Carey and I had terrible service today at a restaurant. By "terrible" I mean barely adequate - we got a bit of attitude, weren't checked in on at all, and essentially got the bare minimum level of service - she brought out our food when it was done and did nothing else. It was ten minutes before she came by to get our drink order, another ten or more until she brought our drinks and got our food order, and that's it.

The bill was $24.40. We left $27 - just over 10%. We normally tip 20-25% for "average to slightly better than average" service…

As Carey was coming out of the restroom on her way out she saw the waitress figuring out her tip. After figuring out that she'd netted about $2.60, she said "what cheapskates!" rather loudly but to nobody in particular.

I think most people would have tipped this lady a buck… or nothing at all. This lady will not become a good waitress.

At least the food was still good.

2 Responses to "Cheapskates!"

  1. I have always heard that in cases like this you should tip a quarter because it lets them know that you didn’t just forget the tip.

    Although I’ve thought of leaving a note with an explanation I never have. Since she was rude enough to say something out loud I would have stopped and explained to her and her manager why the tip was so small.

  2. For service that bad, you should've left a penny.