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I ask this question only because I've been told a surprising number of people aged 25-45 still do:


I thought most people stopped smoking pot when they left college. Who still does it? Why?

For the record, your answers are completely anonymous, but I'll go on record with my answer: no, I don't, nor do I know of anyone who does ((I probably know people who DO, but I don't know that they do.))

2 Responses to "Pot"

  1. Vaporizing and eating are preferred these days. It is great for relaxing muscle tension, meditation, and creativity of all kinds. There are also many medical applications for people with various kinds of ailments.

    People are also much better behaved using cannabis than alcohol. It actually disturbs me how socially accepted (even expected in many settings) alcohol is while cannabis remains illegal. As you might guess, I don't drink and haven't for a very long time.

  2. I have seen around 30% of my friends smoke recently, and there are another 20% or so that I am aware are pot smokers.