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Safari Extensions

I'm digging the world of Safari Extensions. There's a good site at that's likely going to be the go-to resource ((Though I do wish they had more infrastructure so that I could, for example, compare one YouTube extension to the others to see if there's one that includes all the functionality I'd like.)).

However, I'm going to take it easy on the Extensions I install, as even early testing indicates that a poorly coded extension can easily lead to crashing Safari.

I have installed and enabled FaceBlock, InvisibleHand, Popup Statusbar, YouTube5, and User CSS.

I've installed but disabled JavaScript Blacklist 1.0 and Better Facebook. They either don't work the way I'd like or seem to cause a LOT of crashing.

My wish list? A way to synchronize my extensions and their settings via MobileMe so that I don't have to manually maintain two computers. Oh, and far less crashing, of course. 🙂

One Response to "Safari Extensions"

  1. Dropbox and symlinks seem to work well for synchronization.