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Safari’s Auto-Complete Annoyance

I type in "apple" to go to and the stupid thing auto-completes a news story from CNN about Apple. Or I type in "directv" and I get a URL on about DirecTV.

The URL should always take precedent, I think. I rarely want to search the way it wants to - by keywords. And there seems to be no UI for changing this preference… though I swear caps lock or a hidden (i.e. use the terminal to edit the defaults) preference was available under Safari 4.x.

One Response to "Safari’s Auto-Complete Annoyance"

  1. This "feature" started manifesting itself for me (a month or so ago) after an auto-update on Safari 4.1 on OS X 10.4.11...

    "Annoying" doesn't begin to describe it. Even worse was explaining it to the better half.