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10.6.4 Still Doesn’t Fix Spaces Bug?

The 10.6.3 update may have fixed the AppleEvents Timing Out bug, but one bug that's still around is the Spaces bug I described here. Essentially, if I use ctrl-1 to ctrl-3 to move between my Spaces, quite often the keyboard will stop accepting input (or the OS will stop accepting input from the keyboard) until the Dock is quit (and automatically re-started).

The Dock application controls Spaces. I've worked around this bug by having an AppleScript in my Script Menu that quits the Dock.

One Response to "10.6.4 Still Doesn’t Fix Spaces Bug?"

  1. Erik, I have been experiencing this bug and I'm on 10.6.4. I thought it may have had something to do with Parallels, but that would appear to be coincidental.
    I have a Dock-killing AppleScript already, and if that fixes it then at least I can start using Spaces again.
    Thank you so much!