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Obsolescence in Paint Pails

A few years ago when Carey and I first began painting the rooms in our house, we picked up a Pelican Paint Bucket from either Lowe's or Home Depot.

The other day we looked at both stores for some more liners only to find out that our bucket has been discontinued or is at least no longer carried. I had to overpay (just a little, free shipping) on (I have Prime now, after all) just to get some liners shipped to me.

The Pelican Paint Bucket is superior to the current offerings. It's got a wide mouth that will fit a little roller. It has ridges to take excess paint off. It has a nice, grippy handle that's easy to slide your hand into yet very secure. And it has a magnet to hold your brush - an incredibly clever feature we use all the time.

Stupid Lowe's and Home Depot.