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French Lick, Indiana

Carey and I arrived in French Lick, Indiana last night at about 11. We found our room - a spacious room in the French Lick Resort Hotel (not the far fancier and pricier West Baden Springs Resort Hotel).

French Lick is known for two things, but only one of them recently. The first is of course Larry Bird, and the former basketball player has a little restaurant in town. That's about it, so far as we know.

The second is the nearly $600M the Cook family (of some medical or pharmaceutical supply company) has put into the resort(s) and golf course(s) here.

The second is the reason why I'm here. I'm caddying for my friend/boss/mentor Dave Wedzik in the National Club Pro championship.

Today played a practice round at the Donald Ross course. It's a nice track that still manages to play fairly long. There are some holes where you'll hit 3W off the tee and the greens have their characteristic Donald Ross slopes (without the "phony" topsoil build-up found at Pinehurst), but the course is eminently playable. If you score above par here, you probably regret more than a few shots.

As for the walk, well, it's by far the toughest walk I've ever had in golf. Not only is the heat index in the 120s, but the course is hilly as all get out. Up and down, every hole. It doesn't matter if the green and tee are at the same height - you play from hilltop to hilltop with a large valley in between.

I drank roughly 20 bottles of water or Gatorade and burned my hand twice on some metal cooler tops trying to get to the water. The forecast calls for cooler weather the rest of the week - highs of only 96, 95, 93, 92, 90. 🙂