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Round 1, National Club Pro

Round One of the national club pro was supposed to begin at about 2:05. We showed up at about 12:30 to begin warming up only to find that, oof, there was a 100-minute delay due to some threatening weather. We got in some good practice time and then headed back to the hotel. Our mistake. Both of ours, but more mine I suppose. Caddies are supposed to know these things, right? 🙂

Our first round was off #1 at the Pete Dye course. We got off to a poor start - bogey, bogey after hitting the ball too far and into a fairway bunker that NOBODY else probably drove into all week, and then well right on what we had thought was a good line.

We birdied the third nicely, and got back to even par with a near-ace (birdie) at the eighth. On the ninth I was headed to the fairway as the players walk backwards only to look back and see a ball going over my head - what looked like 45° right of the fairway. Dave immediately said "new ball." We never saw the first ball again, and we three-putted for 7.

A bogey at 11 (after a duck hook off the tee and a birdie with the second ball) had us at three over, and a birdie at the twelfth got us back to two over. Unfortunately, we closed with bogeys at 14 and 16. The shot at 16 went too far and on 18, we hit the ball left and got the jumper of all jumpers - a 220-yard 7-iron to the closing par five.

Finished at +5. Three groups after us they blew the horn because it was too dark. I'd hate to be those guys, coming back tomorrow to finish their rounds…

We figure a round of one or two under par may be needed to make the cut - even par has an outside chance. Tee time is around 9:30.