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Round 4, National Club Pro

66 or Bust!

Okay, so it was a bust, but we played a good version of Mad Monkey Golf all day today and ended up shooting 74. On the bright side, we improved our score each of the three days we played the Dye course. On the darker side, we still didn't get much luck. In the end, it was a great experience and one we hope to repeat next year.

Par. Par. Par. Par. Par. Par. Par. Bogey (not a great lie beside the green). Par.

Got back to even par with a birdie at the 10th. Feeling good.

Bogeys at 11 (horrible lie in the bunker on the drivable par four), bogey at the enxt (another horrid lie at the base of the bunker - nice back-to-back :-P). Par, par, and then bogey bogey.

Birdied 17, birdied 18 (looked like a birdie the whole way, ha, not!) by making the longest putt of the week, a 25-footer.

Steady golf, but after a 37 on the front the possibility of shooting 66 went out the window. We finished +10 and the winning score was a cool -8 by Mike Small. PGA qualifying was cut off at +3 - seven shots ahead of us. In other words, a 67 would have played off six for five and a 66 would have gotten into the PGA without a playoff, just as we'd guessed.

Dave's scores are there. Next year the tournament's in Hershey, PA so Dave has to finish top three at Lawrence Park in early August, and we'll get to go back.