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French Lick Recap

Just some tidbits from the recent trip to French Lick, Indiana.

  • The only restaurant they've got that isn't named "Denny's" is Larry Bird's "33" restaurant. The food was okay. The atmosphere wasn't really Bird-ish, but rather just sports-ish.
  • The West Baden Springs Hotel was the largest free-standing dome in the world prior to the Houston Astrodome. Clark Griswold moment: Walk in, look at it, say "Okay. Let's go."
  • Dairy Queen is supposed to, per their rules, serve your Blizzard to you with the spoon in it and upside down. If they don't, it's supposed to be free. It's trademarked or something.
  • I apologize sincerely to the gas station on the way there. That being said, it's partly their fault.
  • I think a go-cart place like the one in the warehouse in French Lick (or was it West Baden?) would do really well in Erie, PA.
  • I never got to see the nine-hole course that French Lick has to offer. Their indoor tennis/golf thing is pretty sweet, though - we'd do well to steal some ideas from them.
  • Buffets are almost always a good value. And yes, Dave, I tend to eat four or five desserts. That's almost the entire point!
  • The drive back was not nearly as interesting, but fortunately we were done with the tournament early enough that we were home at about 11pm. And then, like idiots, we fell asleep on the couch.
  • I wasn't online much at al l, because the connection was terrible, but it was kind of fun not to check my email for days on end.
  • Why can't you find a good deep-dish pizza outside of Chicago? Seriously?
  • The most famous person I met all week? Michael Breed. Uhhhh, yeah.
  • Good to see you again, Don!

One Response to "French Lick Recap"

  1. Just wanted to brag that I've actually been up in the center of that dome. There is a little “room” up in the center of what is basically a keystone. You have to climb out on the roof and access it from the outside, but it is very cool. I was there during the renovation years ago as my parents were born and raised next door in Paoli.

    Paoli has an interesting 9 hole golf course that is the hilliest I’ve ever played. (I haven’t played at French Lick, because I try to avoid returning to the area.)