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Need a New Microwave

We're looking at getting a new microwave. The one we have has a busted turntable.

It'd be the type which acts as a vent for the stove/oven as well. Black, preferably, as our other appliances are black.

What's good these days? I don't need my microwave to connect to the Internet ((Though, if there are some that do that, I wouldn't necessarily say no out of principle…)) (at least I don't think I do), but some good modes and a nice turntable would be nice. By modes I mean your popcorn mode, your defrost mode, and maybe a good re-heat mode.

Anyone have any recommendations on a good microwave?

P.S. Come to think of it, if my microwave could connect to the Internet it could always re-set its clock when the power goes out. Or download new firmware. Or send me a weekly report detailing my TV dinner habits ((I don't eat TV dinners. But it could report on my… pepperoni ball habits?)).

P.P.S. Or maybe it's going to be cheaper to repair the turntable? Maybe I'll look into that. For now, though, recommendations on a good microwave?

P.P.P.S. Holy frick - there are $1400 microwaves? For home use? Who the heck needs a $1400 microwave?