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Bye Dotster, Hello GoDaddy

I have a lot of domains up for renewal at about the same time - late August.

Dotster loves to charge about $16 or $17 to renew domains. For two years, it'll run me about $460 just for the essential domains.

I can transfer the domains to GoDaddy and get a year of renewals on all of them for about $175. I think I'm going to do it.

I don't use ANY of the additional services hosted by GoDaddy or Dotster. I hate GoDaddy's commercials and their site is an absolute mess. However, I won't be visiting it much and I don't watch commercials much. I don't care about the owner's politics or their constant attempts at upselling.

GoDaddy is good at the one thing I care about - it's cheap - and that's enough for me.

9 Responses to "Bye Dotster, Hello GoDaddy"

  1. I've been very happy with godaddy for a few years new, and at my previous employer moved over 100 domains to them. I've found their support very good on the odd occasion ive needed them.

    I also use their SSL certificates.

  2. Support is excellent. They're cheap and provide WordPress, phpBB etc installation. It's also easy to set up the free Google Apps.

  3. I've been transferring all my domains to from GoDaddy. The GoDaddy website and checkout process just became too much to handle. I was constantly worried I was order crap I didn't want.

    Incidentally, I moved to GoDaddy from Dotster.

  4. Did you have a look at they are pretty cheap too for a great service.

  5. I was also just about to pimp They're an ethical choice [1] when it comes to registrars. They don't advertise, they get their business through word of mouth, I believe. Their .com domains [2] are 12 euros for creation, 12.50 euros for renewal thereafter (due to Verisign costs [3]. I've had my domain with them since I first got it and I've never had any problems.


  6. It doesn't seem that Gandi is any less expensive. It seems slightly more expensive, frankly. Three bucks per domain more expensive.

  7. namecheap seems pretty good, cheaper than GoDaddy too, also with private registration if need be.

  8. I have used godaddy for years but their site and upsells were getting to be a bit much even for me, I have started using namecheap and have been pleased so far.

  9. If I do business with GoDaddy I'm supporting their cheesy, degrading marketing practices whether I subject myself to them or not. I'd regarding doing so merely to save myself a few bucks to be unethical I don't enjoy being treated like a particularly stupid adolescent boy, and while several of the women in my life have no objection to being pure sex objects, they nonetheless object to breasts being use to sell anything but bras.

    Further, GoDaddy is a major contributor to the GOP and their CEO made public statements in support of torture at Gitmo. At one time I would have considered the former irrelevant, but now that it's synonymous with the latter (and worse), I won't be doing business with them.