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Passed the PGA Pre-Qualifying Test

Prior to becoming an Apprentice in the PGA program, you must pass the PAT, pass a pre-qualifying test, and do a few other things (largely show that you're employed). The three items on which you're tested are:

1) Introduction to the PGA PGM Program
2) PGA History and Constitution
3) The Rules of Golf

The first and last ones are fairly easy. The second one worried me a bit - you have to know what the Board of Control does, how the Board of Directors are assembled, etc.

The Qualifing test will consist of a total of 75 questions and will cover the three qualifying courses. The time allowed for the test is 90 minutes and the passing score is 70%. You should bring a clean, unmarked, unhighlighted USGA Rules of Golf book to the test session.

I've always been a great student. High A grades, set the curve all the time, etc. I was a bit worried about this test, but then I realized "I barely have to get a D to pass" (69% was a D in high school). Turns out the side of me that said "don't worry" was right. I passed with 97% accuracy, missing only two questions.

So now I'll enter Level 1 - as soon as the PGA fixes my online account to properly reflect my status - and will look to take the Level 1 Seminars sometime this coming February. Yay.

One Response to "Passed the PGA Pre-Qualifying Test"

  1. I am currently registered in the qualifying level and was curious, this helps me out a lot. Any specific areas to focus on ?