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Do Eye-Fi Cards Work?

Eye-Fi CardThese things have been out for awhile and they still exist, so they must work… but do they work well? An 8 GB card costs ~$125. What happens to video (it does work with video too, right?) files that you record but aren't within range of your computer? Do they automatically sync over when you get back to within range?

I think these kinds of things would be compelling in some of the golf lessons we find ourselves teaching - we could record initial video of students while someone else grabs the video and imports it into the correct student, then begins the analysis, all before the student even knows we've really "begun."

A few other applications might work nicely as well, and if nothing else the lack of an SD card reader or plugging the camera in at all seems like a nice plus.

So, again, do these cards work? Do they fail easily? $125 is a lot of money for a card you can get for $40 without the WiFi option.

4 Responses to "Do Eye-Fi Cards Work?"

  1. They work. Mine hasn't failed. You don't need the big one if it is constantly downloading to your computer.

  2. Eye-Fi cards do work! I have had the first generation card since it came out. It works great and I want to give one to everyone. I gave one to my parents and my grandparents and every time they take a picture it gets uploaded to the computer and they don't have to do anything. No connecting it to the computer.

    I am getting married next year and am going to set one up for all of our guests who are going to bring a camera and have them upload the wedding pictures automatically as they are being taken.

    I am noticing lately that the card cannot handle action action pictures, I think the first gen card is not fast enough.

    I havn't tried it yet, but I want to install mywifi on my iphone and see how well that uploads.

  3. They work. Pretty well, actually. I've got two (2G/4G).

  4. I have a bunch of them spanning three generations. The problem is never with the card, but sometimes with the camera going into sleep mode before all of the pictures get transfered. I also find them to be a bit tricky with WPA2 protected networks. I would highly recommend you buy them from a place where you can return them (it) if you run into problems (like My overall rating is 3 of 5 stars because of the issues I have had with certain cameras and difficulty in debugging the problems.