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Covert Affairs (Theme/Opening Credits)

I really like the opening credits for Covert Affairs on USA.

The song feels rather "spy-like" and the opening animation is reminiscent of some old-school spy type stuff. The song and animation go well together.

And yes, I do watch the show. It's bad, but it passes the time when my wife's asleep and I'm up late doing some work.

P.S. Too bad they have to insert real people into it. I'd love it more if the whole opening credits were like the motorcycle part.

One Response to "Covert Affairs (Theme/Opening Credits)"

  1. I have to agree that the openng song is great, as is the sequence. I just find it annoying that the best part of the sequence should not be there.... In all the episodes I have watched, Annie has not been on a motorbike, let alone driven one!
    Q. Why is there a motorbike sequence when one is never used!