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What is it With Housing Contractors?

When we had the bonus room built above our garage, I wrote this post. Unfortunately, we've again run into the same problem - getting a contractor to call us back.

This time it's the wood flooring guy(s). They need to drop off the wood so it can adjust to our house. They need to schedule a time to install the flooring. They need to do a few things.

The guy's gonna call us Thursday. Then when we call Friday he says he'll call first thing Monday. On Tuesday when we call he schedules a time for a few days out despite having gotten the wood on Thursday. Oy.

Carey talked to a few friends and they all tell an incredibly similar story. Only people new to the "contracting" type business seem eager to do work. Wouldn't you think that they'd be clamoring to get work? Isn't the economy supposed to be in the crapper? Why are customers still being ignored?

It's silly, and it's still no way to run a business.