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Whispering Woods 2011 Rates

They've gone up a bit, but "special offers are available to all current 2010 members." That deal is "if you pay in 2010, you pay the 2010 rates." 2010 rates were roughly the same as the 2009 rates.

2011 Membership Rates

Individual (25-59): $2,200
Family: $3,000
Senior: $2,000
Senior Couple: $2,650
Junior: $800 (cart not included)
Corporate Primary: $2,200
Corporate Secondary: $1,900

All memberships include a 25% discount on range balls and 10% off guest green fees. Cart and golf included with all memberships except juniors.

New, too, is a $100 referral rebate for any 2010 member who brings in a member for the 2011 season.