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TIPS is not an Acronym

"To insure proper service?" I don't think so.

If "tips" ((As in the money you give to a waiter or waitress.)) was an acronym it would be "teps" because "ensure" is the proper word there, not "insure."

For years one of the club (membership required) restaurants nearby has automatically added a 15% gratuity to the bill. Waiters and waitresses thus didn't have to work to get a tip, and service stunk.

I've heard rumblings that the auto-gratuity will go the way of the dodo soon, and I'm pleased. I've been talking about that for years.

2 Responses to "TIPS is not an Acronym"

  1. I need to search for it, but I believe in most states, if it's called a "Gratuity" then you can remove it from your bill. If it's automatic, it needs to be called a "service fee". I'm remembering an article about a man in Maine who challenged an automatic gratuity and the court sided with him.

  2. Tips could always become "to inspire proper service". I think you must be right though.
    There seem to be lots of 'pseudo-acronyms' flying around these days, which were clearly made up after the fact. Another unlikely one I heard was that the word "oops" came from "objects out of place".