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TST on Huddler

The Sand Trap's golf forum is likely going to be switching to Huddler by about the end of the year.

Huddler is a "community" software package that's grown up quite a bit in the past year. It's a forum at its core, but it layers on a few more things like products pages and user reviews of equipment that are pretty nice.

One of the sites that's on Huddler is, and they're similar to a golf forum in many ways.

I'm waiting for a number of features (including reputation) to be implemented before we consider actually making the switch, but when we do Huddler will be in charge of advertising and the sales thereof, freeing me to worry about the content.

I'll have more to say about Huddler once we actually get the ball rolling, I presume, but for now it's a waiting game. In the meantime, they're submitting some redesigns to me for comment, and I'm liking how things are looking.