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Some New Courses at DSLRU

I really recommend you check out one or both… And spread the word. If you'd like to publish an article for sale (or free!) on DSLRU, we'd be happy to talk to you about it!

Using Beauty Dishes

While light modifiers like umbrella lights produce a soft light that can make anyone look good, beauty dishes produce a more directed light that accentuates angles and curves. Fashion photographers love the possibilities that this light provides! In this comprehensive course, celebrity photographer John Ricard covers how to shoot with a beauty dish. He’ll walk you through the basics of a beauty dish, including a comprehensive look at light falloff as you adjust the dish. Then, he’ll walk you through two different types of shoots with a beauty dish, letting you see both how he sets up his shoot and how he works with his models.

This course contains a 22-minute video.

Creating HDR Images with Photomatix

In this course, Reed Mangino delves deep into the world of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with Photomatix Pro. Reed discusses every processing mode and option from both a technical standpoint as well as real-world use cases. He also covers camera setup and shooting techniques. Furthermore, this course covers post-processing your HDR images. Most people think that your work is done once you close down Photomatix. In fact, the opposite is true; many of the best HDR photographers spend hours post-processing their HDR images, and this course will help you learn how to do that processing.

This course contains a 59-minute video.