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BBEdit vs. TextMate

I've never gotten into TextMate. In Xcode I use the editor included there and all other times, use BBEdit.

TextMate 2.0 is still not here while BBEdit has been updated a few times since 2.0 was first talked about, so I'm wondering if people are still as crazy for TextMate or if, due to the lack of updates, it's popularity has been diminished.


3 Responses to "BBEdit vs. TextMate"

  1. Komodo Edit for me, since I'm a cheapskate.

  2. SubEthaEdit and Coda.

  3. I occasionally use TextMate since I got it for free (friend got it through one of those Heist deals and already had it) and the one thing I like about it is that you can open a folder and it will monitor that folder for new files and keep them organized in the same hierarchical layout. No need to setup a 'project' or anything like that.

    But TextMate is a bit stale. I've run into several repeatable display issues that haven't been fixed (and showing no signs of being fixed) and the fact that the switch-tabs key combo doesn't match Safari's is really annoying.

    I prefer to use TextWrangler but it doesn't have the ability to open and monitor a folder in the documents tray... BBEdit is looking pretty nice. Can it open a folder and show it in a side tray?