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Dropbox Upgrades Too Big a Step Up?

Thanks to people here and elsewhere upgrading by using me as their referrer, I've gone up from 2 GB of free storage to 6.2 GB of free storage.

I'm currently using about 70% of the 6.2 GB I get for free ((1.5 GB or so are a collection of videos I've downloaded or recorded for evolvr.)), and I don't feel particularly cramped. That said, I'd like to upgrade, if for no other reason than to give Dropbox some money as I've used and loved their product - for free - for quite awhile.

But their pricing plans simply don't make sense to me. For $99/year I can get 50 GB of space - that's overkill and a bit pricy. Never mind that I can get 100 GB of syncing storage space for $199 ((Oddly, that's a dollar more per year than two 50 GB accounts, or a penny more per month ($9.99 vs. $19.99) if you opt for the monthly payment plan)) - 50 GB is too much.

Why not a 20 GB account? Why not an account with some added features, like the ability to share .html files? Dropbox works really well, but 50GB is a big step up from 6.2 GB. Or 6.5 if another person signs up using the referral code above. Or even double what I have now - 12.5 GB…

One Response to "Dropbox Upgrades Too Big a Step Up?"

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