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Netflix Streaming Video App

You know what I'd like? A Netflix streaming video app.

Version 1.0 might be nothing more than a WebKit view that automatically takes you to your streaming queue and resizes the window a bit or employs some CSS tricks to play with the positioning so that you get mostly video playback in your viewer window.

I hate using a browser because, with Spaces, my browser windows tend to be collected in one Space while other apps (like MarsEdit and Cyndicate) exist in another space. I'd want to set my "Netflix" to be viewable in all spaces.

Additionally, since I'd rarely switch to my Netflix viewer app while watching a show or movie, I couldn't accidentally hit cmd-w like I sometimes do to my Netflix-in-Safari viewer.

Later versions could use an API, if Netflix provided one (they must, as the Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 all have their own controls and work with remotes, etc.), to provide a DVD Player-like experience or something. The media playback keys on my Mac keyboard could work with this version 2.0, too.

Anyone want to develop such an app? 🙂

2 Responses to "Netflix Streaming Video App"

  1. looks like it may be an 80% solution.

  2. [quote comment="62968"] looks like it may be an 80% solution.[/quote]

    Yeah. I knew that something was out there but couldn't quite recall the name of it. That was it.

    Sometimes I find myself launching my throw-away browser (Firefox) for this "single purpose" type thing - I hide everything I can on the screen and whatnot - and it works "okay."