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Maintaining Your Rights

I read this article and the original article about a man maintaining his rights and refusing to divulge personal information.

I took a similar stand when some U.S. Marshals showed up at my door in Florida because I had the same first name as a former resident of the apartment who was wanted for goodness knows what. I was clearly not their guy, they could see that at the door, and though I wondered what kind of judge signs a warrant to inspect the premises based on a guy with the same first name residing in the apartment.

That said, frankly, some people can get a bit too carried away with things. Awhile ago I also made this post called Don't Talk to the Police and can think of several instances where common sense simply has to prevail and taking the "don't talk to police" to the literal extreme is just going to make things harder on yourself than using your intelligence to give a simple answer to a police officer who is not out to get you.

2 Responses to "Maintaining Your Rights"

  1. Are you willing to predicate your freedom on the assumption that you make?

  2. [quote comment="62998"]Are you willing to predicate your freedom on the assumption that you make?[/quote]

    We do it every day, and sometimes it's not about fighting every fight but choosing your battles wisely.