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How Many Pages of Apps? How Many Folders?

How many pages of applications are on your iPhone? How many folders do you have and how many apps are just hanging out on their own?

I have only two pages. As you would read, I have (italics = folders):

Calendar, Clock, Notes, Maps
Calculator, Games, Entertainment, Compass
Sports, Social, Photography, Settings
Weather, WeatherBug, TWC, Music
Network, Distractions, Misc
Mail, Phone, Messages, Safari exist in the dock.

I find it easier to use the "Spotlight" to launch "Wikipanion" than trying to remember what folder it's in (Entertainment - perhaps not the best name but it fits as well as anything else).

So, two pages of apps, nine folders, nine free applications (excluding the four in the dock).

How's your phone set up?

2 Responses to "How Many Pages of Apps? How Many Folders?"

  1. Four pages total. The dock has Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and iPod.

    Page 1 is the most frequently used stuff, as well as things I want quick access to. Two folders - Photography (eight different photo/image apps) and Tools (Calculator, clock, compass, app store etc).

    Page 2 are less frequently used apps - some of these I actually haven't used yet, but they're of the "might be useful one rainy day" category, so they're still around.

    Page 3 are games. Lots of stuff here that I just downloaded during that first "new toy" frenzy when I first got the iPhone - the only things I really play are Solebon (great collection of solitaire games) and Trainyard Express (excellent puzzle game).

    Page 4 is "everything else" - where unused apps go to die, including the native ones like Stocks, the Youtube player, and various random stuff.

    I could probably shave it all down to two pages if I get around to it, but I'm a bit of an app hoarder.

  2. The things I do:

    I keep each row with three highly used & recognizable items on the left and a folder of thematically related apps on the right. No need to read labels or try to distinguish icons in folders. For example, I keep my "organizing" apps on the left that I recognize in an instant (OmniFocus, Things, and BillMinder) while the folder contains less frequently used items like Delicious Library (before it was pulled), Bento, etc.

    I try to keep the fourth row of each page occupied with only 1 or two "outliers" that don't fit anywhere. When I buy a new app or need to move stuff around, it gives space to arrange on the fly.

    While the first pages are apps I use (4 pages currently). I stock the pages after that (2 currently) with apps I've bought for others (e.g. games etc to entertain the nephews, drinking buddies, etc). Since I don't use these apps, I avoid folders on these pages because I won't be the one trying to recognize the icons and read the labels.

    Finally, in my dock I keep Phone, Mail, Safari, and an emergency app (iEmergency, but I'm looking for better) with stats for the Ambulance guys (blood type, meds I'm taking, contact names). Helped me out tremendously this past Labor Day.