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Multi-Account Twitter Apps for the Mac

Are there any? I want to be able to log into several Twitter accounts, each with their own timelines and things, and be able to post to them separately.

Currently the only way I can really think to do this is to have one app for each account running. Surely there's a single app out there that can do this (for Mac OS X), no???

6 Responses to "Multi-Account Twitter Apps for the Mac"

  1. Tweetie for the mac can do multiple accounts, as can TweetDeck.

  2. Try TweetDeck. Technically, it's an Adobe Air app and not a Mac app, but it does multiple accounts.

  3. Echofon does it. I'm pretty sure Tweetie & most of the others also do it.

  4. Tweetie's always had that ability.

  5. Erik,

    There are a bunch. All the ones listed plus hootsuite. I use tweetdeck for my 4 or 5 accounts. Works just fine.


  6. I use Nambu.