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Redone Bedroom

Bedroom 1

The bedroom for a certain seven year-old is now done. This is the bedroom in which we put real wood floors and, well, lots of other stuff.

The idea was largely Carey's, but I contributed a fair amount as did "DD" in the language of online moms. The entire room was based on a bed spread that the two women in my house really liked. The color palette, the furniture, the hardware, the curtains, etc.

In no particular order:

  • The large dressers and desks were refinished from Carey's grandmother's house and had all new silver hardware attached. Carey sanded, primed, and painted them over the span of a few weeks.
  • The fan is a Hunter fan from Lowe's. Simple enough. Quiet too.
  • The headboard was made by stretching some batting and some extra curtains over a picture frame. It's nailed to the wall.
  • The shelves with the monkey on them are from IKEA and look nice. They're really level, too. 😉
  • The 5 x 5 thing is really nice and will provide a lot of storage. It's bolted to the wall and solid as a rock, and the four storage cubes and four drawers are pretty sweet.
  • The quote in the rainbow picture says "Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms" and was made by the room's occupant. 🙂
  • The butterflies on the wall are just push-pin type and $20 from Target.
  • The recliner in the reading corner has a bear sitting on it in these pictures, but will work well for reading.

The things which are new include: floor, wall paint, night stand, hardware, all dressers, bed cover, sheets, pillow sham, shelves, curtain rod, curtains, headboard, rainbow painting, butterflies, desk light, desk chair, 5x5 Storage, 5-color light, butterfly mirror, nightstand light, picture frames, basket, and probably a few things I'm forgetting.

Two more pictures below…

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Hey, at least the accent wall stands out more now. I was a little worried!

One Response to "Redone Bedroom"

  1. Wow, the photos look amazing, the flooring looks amazing, real good quality and compliments the rest of the room perfectly aswell!

    I have just started putting wood flooring throughout my house and really pleased so far, I hope the end product is as good as yours