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Pens Reality TV, 1960 World Series

I'm looking forward to this.

There will be coarse language, raw emotions, maybe a bit of gore if there is an injury.

That might be off-putting to those whose uncensored moments would be beamed into people's living rooms, but the Penguins see great benefit to participating in an HBO "24/7" reality miniseries in December and January that will chronicle them and the Washington Capitals as the rivals approach and play in one of the NHL's premier events, the outdoor Winter Classic.

I'm also looking forward to the re-airing of Game Seven of the 1960 World Series, recently discovered in Bing Crosby's media room.

P.S. Pens fans sometimes call Sidney Crosby "Bing" as a bit of a joke. And that's how I made the leap from one Pittsburgh team to another.