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Lynn Blake’s Alignment Golf

I watched - to my wife's dismay at the number of times the word "cock" was used in varying forms ((cock, uncock(ed), re-cock(ed), cocking)) - the first of the three discs in Lynn Blake's Alignment Golf DVDs.

95% of the stuff Lynn says is simple fact and dead on accurate. He's probably right that it's "simplest" to set the right forearm on plane at setup as well, but that's one of the things I don't particularly care to see done in the golf swing. I also don't care for the left arm being "blasted off the chest" (completely losing pressure point four) just past impact at the follow-through position.

But those are in the 5%. Call the disc TGM 101 and you'd be somewhat close to accurately describing it, I suppose.

P.S. Another thing: hinging action isn't going to change the compression on the ball or the ball flight if the same impact conditions are met. There's no two ways around that.