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The Social Network Movie Review

97% at Rotten Tomatoes? 92% Audience rating? Seriously?

I liked it, but 97%?! That's astronomically high.

On a pure percentage scale, I give it a 70% or so, meaning I like it more than about 70% of the movies I've ever chosen to watch. 🙂

The most interesting part of the movie was almost trying to figure out whether Christy was from the kiddo's Disney shows (she is - Suite Life on Deck specifically).

I would have loved to hear more about how Saverin was screwed out of his 30%, but that part was glossed over.

Had Aaron Sorkin not written the movie, it probably would have gotten a 25%. The best thing in the movie was the dialogue, which was true Sorkin.

P.S. How is it that wasn't bought up for this movie?