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Tiger Woods – Stack and Tilt?

There's no doubt - none at all - that Tiger Woods is going to a much more "Stack and Tilt" type golf swing. After all, the biggest change he's working on making is to keep his head centered more on the backswing (S&T explains how) and the second biggest change he's making is to take his hands inward, on plane, during the backswing - also S&T.

Did Sean Foley put his foot in his mouth and insult some guys who spent a lot of time helping him with his "5%" comment? You bet. Did he learn 50, 75, or even 90+% of what he knows from Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer?

Probably not. The real answer undoubtedly lies somewhere between 5% and 50%. Doesn't change the fact that Sean was a bit of a jerk for treating so poorly two people who'd treated him so well.

P.S. Perhaps the biggest fear among the Stack and Tilt community? That Sean Foley doesn't understand the downswing as well as he should.

P.P.S. Sean O'Hair is a bit of a turd as well. But he's probably only parroting what Foley's told him.

P.P.P.S. More here.