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Happy Birthday, Carey (33)

My wife turns 33 today. I'll say happy birthday to her in our own way later today (and it was the first thing I said - thankfully :D) this morning when she awoke, but here's the public "happy birthday" most would expect.

I did not know that opal was one her birthstones until Nat and I visited the mall a few weeks ago to get her hair cut. We wandered over to Kay Jewelers to look for something and Nat picked out a nice opal necklace.

This morning we made a "treasure hunt" like we've done for her with rhyming clues hidden in various places around the house. Carey will have to decipher the clues and keep going up and down the stairs to find the next clue until she's finally led to the location of her present.

And then - I think - we're off to Max & Erma's. Carey likes the free dessert they give you on or around your birthday. 😉