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Favorite Independent Mac Software Sites

Everyone's got some "favorite independently developed Mac software." For example, I like MarsEdit and FastScripts, and Daniel's made great strides in improving the look and feel of his site. It's functional and suits the software he's developed.

But it's probably not among anyone's lists of favorite software sites ((Frankly, I'm only listing it because I like it, and I hope Daniel knows this isn't a "bash" at all.)). Maybe a site like CSSEdit's, or Transmit's is in your list.

Why, you ask? Because I'm about to create a site for Analyzr, a product which I assure you competes with nothing on the Mac market to date - not even close. Part of that process is seeing what people like, throwing it all in a blender, and coming up with something that - hopefully - combines and tweaks the best of what's out there to suit this particular product (a $50 Home and $500 Pro app).

The sections for the new site will include:

  • Home Page (light feature list)
  • Home (expanded feature list for Home)
  • Pro (expanded feature list for Pro)
  • Switch to Analyzr (telling people why they should switch from Windows products to this one on the Mac)
  • Screencasts (showing what you can do and some tricks)
  • Support (the usual)
  • FAQ (the usual)
  • Contact (more usual)

So, what sites do you like? What do you like about them?

3 Responses to "Favorite Independent Mac Software Sites"

  1. I don't spend much time looking at them (if they are good). The first one that popped in my mind was for TextMate. It becomes immediately apparent:

    * The features and purpose of the application
    * How to download a trial version
    * How to buy a copy
    * How to get more information