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Switching to Mail

For a long, long time I've used Microsoft's email client. Why? I was content with it, as it most functioned like Claris Emailer. It had great keyboard shortcuts (or where not great, familiar), it had wonderful AppleScript support (as I've come to find out, better than Mail), and it had categories which I used primarily to help set label colors for email, folders, contacts, etc.

It was at least Mail's equal in terms of rules, had the List manager, and with SpamSieve was as good or better at handling junk mail.

Now Microsoft has seen fit to kill Entourage and replace it with Outlook… but only to bundle Outlook with the full versions (i.e. not the student/teacher edition). As I almost never need Word, Excel, or PowerPoint (that's why we have Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, right?) I find myself with a choice to make.

So I've gone bold and have set up Mail. It'll take me a few hours just to get my mail imported, and tomorrow I'll begin the tedious re-training process necessary to teach myself how to use an app that's unlike the email app I've used for better part of the last two decades.

3 Responses to "Switching to Mail"

  1. You should give Gmail a chance, since you're making a big switch anyhow! 🙂

  2. I'd suggest checking out mail tags and mail act on at a bare minimum. The available mail plugins have taken over most of what I used to do in AppleScript.

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