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Block Ads


P.S. For the purposes of this poll, "block popup windows" does not count as "advertising." If you block popups, you can still choose "No" in the poll.

8 Responses to "Block Ads"

  1. Kinda: I block some ads at work with Chrome on Windows (Adblock with the "don't block Adsense" checkbox ticked), and I have ClickToFlash installed here at home.

    And like everyone else since 2003, I block pop-ups. I wonder if anyone still tries to trigger them.

    Most sites that I respect also present ads that respect me. Very few Flash ads are respectful, both because they stand between me and whatever I'm reading in a more in-your-face way than most ads, and because I've been on a laptop for many years, and they chew up battery life. And don't get me started on draping-the-frame-of-the-page ads, take-over-the-page ads and interstitials.

  2. [quote comment="63319"]And like everyone else since 2003, I block pop-ups. I wonder if anyone still tries to trigger them.[/quote]

    I hadn't considered popups. I'll revise the wording.

    [quote comment="63319"]Most sites that I respect also present ads that respect me.[/quote]

    I think that's the key. I don't often visit sites with ads that cover up content or otherwise get in the way, and if I do I rarely return to the site.

  3. Likewise, I block everything initially with Adblock and ClickToFlash. Then I whitelist the sites I like, especially those who present quality ads like those from The Deck.

  4. Since I answered "no" I should explain my reasoning.

    I haven't pirated software since I started selling my own software. I haven't blocked ads since building some sites that rely on advertising revenue for their income.

  5. I understand your reasoning for not doing it because it's absolutely legitimate to finance web offerings with advertising revenue.

    In the poll, I chose "kinda" because what I do is block popups and use ClickToFlash, which gets rid of all the annoying crap that is really getting on my nerves and I also think that's fair enough. If content providers want to serve me ads, they are welcome to do so but I don't need or want ads with video or sound effects on a static web site. If there are ads included in their video content and I'm interested in such content, it's a different matter.

  6. I don't block advertising directly, but I use NoScript in Firefox to block Javascript and Flash I don't like. If I see that the Javascript is coming from an ad firm then I block the Javascript. I don't mind images and links for ads, but don't want their code in my browser.

  7. I have ClickToFlash installed, so I guess in a way I block flash ads, but that's a pleasing side effect, not the primary goal.

    My last job, and the two (large) sites I've built this year are both primarily funded by advertising, so it would be wrong of me to block all ads.

  8. Kinda; I have NoScript, but due to the number of exceptions, there are many ads that are shown. However, like Patrick, blocking the ads is not the primary goal for me.