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Tik-Tok Watch Band for iPod Nano

Awesome. Check it out - watch bands for the iPod Nano.

But how long does the iPod Nano battery last if you always want it in watch mode? Isn't it a bit annoying to have to click to turn the watch on, or do current nanos let you leave the clock on 24/7?

P.S. Clock mode = a week before recharging, but is that turned on 24/7? I assume so, but hate to assume…

2 Responses to "Tik-Tok Watch Band for iPod Nano"

  1. I'm going on something like every four days, but I also listen to music occasionally. And yes, lifting your wrist to stare into a blank screen with both of your hands occupied is sometimes annoying.

    I obviously don't have Tik-Tok, or Griffin's newly announced strap. I have Rock Band, and while I like the presentation, it's clear that it wasn't thrown together by acclaimed, er, watchmen. At least on the hole setting I use, you have to work to get the band back in the loop because the pin keeps blocking the band itself and doesn't like to be separated much from the loop.

    Tik-Tok looks like the first option that's actually thought through and a) looks good with the nano, b) looks like a watch and c) works well like a watch.

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