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No TSA Backscatter Machines On My Trip

In flights leaving both Pittsburgh and Phoenix (or Tempe, I suppose) I saw Backscatter machines but was not subjected to anything but the normal process of metal detectors and x-rays for bags.

I was prepared to fight, too (not physically of course) if I had been selected to go through the machine. I might have been more willing to do so on my return flight but I was still prepared to opt out and then to be explicit in not allowing someone to touch me inappropriately.

There's a reason they call it "security theater" - it's all an act, and the sooner people realize that their liberties are being taken away and they're being molested or subjected to unnecessary radiation simply because they choose to or need to travel, the sooner this whole TSA saga can end.

P.S. Nice: Shirtless Boy Patted Down by TSA.

One Response to "No TSA Backscatter Machines On My Trip"

  1. Yeah, exactly what you said. I wrote up a longish article that I posted to Facebook and LiveJournal on the idiocy of the TSA and the current level of security theater. Let me know if you want me to email it or post it here.