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Vince Flynn Books

A friend of mine recommended that I start to read Vince Flynn books. They're similar to Tom Clancy novels but without the 12-page monologues on how what someone ate for breakfast reminded him of a childhood day that slightly changed his mental makeup and eventually lead to the manner in which he treated the guy he was currently talking to, or something… More action, less jibber jabber.

Wikipedia lists his bibliography thus far as:

1997 Term Limits ($8.99)
1999 Transfer of Power ($7.99)
2000 The Third Option ($7.99)
2001 Separation of Power ($8.99)
2002 Executive Power ($7.99)
2004 Memorial Day ($8.99)
2005 Consent to Kill ($8.99)
2006 Act of Treason ($8.99)
2007 Protect and Defend ($8.99)
2008 Extreme Measures ($8.99)
2009 Pursuit of Honor ($8.99)
2010 American Assassin ($12.99)

If I buy them all (Kindle prices and links above), that's roughly $109.

One Response to "Vince Flynn Books"

  1. Agree with your friend's recommendation on getting into Vince Flynn books. Quick reads and will hold your attention without the Clancy "fluff."