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I, Reader

I, Reader is a good little piece.

I'm currently well behind on my reading - a perpetual state. I'd love to stop watching TV and use an hour or two each evening to read, but I don't just sit on the couch during TV time, I'm typically watching TV, talking to Carey, working on the computer, emailing, Facebooking, talking on the forums, eating, etc.

About the only one of those things I can do while reading is eating, and I don't do that very often. Plus, I genuinely like a few shows and wouldn't give them up.

One Response to "I, Reader"

  1. Just this past weekend, I pulled the plug on our TV. We had been receiving over-the-air signals (no pay TV service in our house), and we decided to move the cable modem out from our daughter's room.

    Picture it: antenna in attic is connected via coax to the outlet in the master bedroom. An inline coupler then routes the signal from the antenna to the demarc on the side of the house. Another inline coupler routes the signal to the outlet in the living room, for use with the only TV we have.

    So, without using a signal combiner, I had to route the cable modem to one of the other two outlets in the house: son's room, or daughter's room. (The other two cables were in use as describe above.) We've needed to move the stuff out of the daughter's room for a while, and when I did that, we had to lose our antenna.

    It's still a little strange having only streaming capability, with the Apple TV, but we're getting used to it. We only watch 2 TV shows anyway - Castle and Psych, and I watch Burn Notice. We hook up a computer to watch them via and, and we stream Netflix and our home movies via the Apple TV.

    It's unusual, but it does work. At least, it works until Time Warner Cable starts metering my service.