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iPhone, WiFi, Poor Cell Reception

A friend of mine likes his iPhone. Loves it, really. Wants to use it all the time.

Unfortunately, he has terrible cell reception in his house. He gets good reception when he's out.

Simple question, hopefully with a simple answer: is there a solution out there that will give him VOIP calling and answering of phone calls when he's connected to a WiFi network and regular cell phone usage when he's out?

He doesn't want to have to change his number.

4 Responses to "iPhone, WiFi, Poor Cell Reception"

  1. Not VoIP and imperfect, but with AT&Ts MicroCell I no longer miss calls inside my house.

  2. Another vote for the AT&T MicroCell.

    I was sceptical, but we went from 0-2 bars (depending on where in the apartment we were) to a solid 5 bars. Battery life on my iPhone 4 went from roughly a half day to two full days, a nice bonus.

    The device needs to be located near a window when it starts (to get a GPS lock), but can be moved after that.

    It's been remarkably stable over the few months I've owned it.

  3. Using google voice ?

  4. Yeah, I was going to suggest Google Voice.