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Slow Going

It's the dead of winter and I've not made much progress on my PGA learning stuff. We're trying to get Analyzr shipping ASAP (still on target for early January, 2011), and that's taking up an inordinate amount of time. Also, The Sand Trap is converting to Huddler next week, so that is taking up time as well.

Perhaps I'll be able to study in February and March and take a trip south in early April. But otherwise, I worry that I might not finish out level 1 until early next winter. It wouldn't be a terrible thing - I'm in no real rush to finish out the PGA certification process. We're still going to be in Erie in a few years and I'm pretty well known as an instructor already, largely thanks to working with Dave and helping him to produce videos for YouTube, running The Sand Trap, working at Golf Evolution schools and on the forum, and sharing a few thoughts now and then on a few other sites.