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Analyzr Coming Along

Still set for an early January 2011 release, Analyzr is coming along quite nicely.

Within the next few weeks we'll have the website finished (it's started as a Photoshop document at this point), we'll figure out what we want to do with our licensing scheme, we'll set up our FastSpring store, we'll set up an LLC, and we'll ship the darn thing.

Feedback from testers continues to be really positive. A few have found bugs (all fixed, and there have only really been about three) and many have written to say specifically how awesome they think the app is and how glad they are that someone's doing something for Mac owners.

We're going to put a good amount of energy into converting Windows owners, too. After all, for many pros their computer is simply a "device." They don't care about the underlying OS so much as they care about the software they run on it. Safari and Mail will cover 90% or so of their "non-video-analysis" time, and Analyzr will cost several hundred dollars less than the "other" software for Windows.