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This seems to be a consistent problem with a certain portion of white collar (or perhaps no-collar) work force: an inability to think rationally, honor your word, and to not break the contract they propose and to which they agree.

It's simply ridiculous how much time and energy I've wasted, my partners have wasted, and the "workers" have wasted simply because the worker is, well, a flake.

You know who I respect? People who honor their commitments, even if it comes at some sacrifice. I'm far more likely to not only use them again down the road, but to reward them, cut them some slack, and to listen to their ideas.

One Response to "Contracts"

  1. I guess the only thing I can think of with "People who honor their commitments, even if it comes at some sacrifice.", is what of the ones who honor commitments, but the only place sacrifice can come from is other commitments?

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