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Picking Up the Pieces

Following yesterday's crash, Carey spoke with our insurance company and the police and several other people. After one false start, we located our car at D'Amico. This image says a lot, I think, about not only the damage the car sustained but also how fortunate we are that Carey seems to be major-injury free:

Carey's Subaru Forester Totaled

We picked up the things that were sitting in the car ((We'd have to go back the next day to pick up the garage door opener - we never thought to look up at the shades.)) like Nat's inline skates, a coupon book, mugs, an iPod, a pair of shoes, jumper cables from the back, etc. We took what was salvageable as well - the floor mats and the trunk cargo netting.

One of the policeman who arrived on the scene said that the car was totaled immediately and the guy at D'Amico said "total loss" as well. Kelly Blue Book value for retail or Certified Pre-Owned is $27k for our area on this model car with these features and 12,000 miles (that's all it had on it). I've read that insurance companies are supposed to put you in the same financial state that you were before, so if we had property worth $x we should get about $x.

The other driver, whose mom also arrived to gather a few things from her daughter's car, was admitting fault. We'd later learn that what police do in situations where it's clearly one driver's fault is that they cite that driver for "driving too fast for conditions" as their "proof" to the insurance company that one driver is at fault. If the other driver changes her story, the police have that evidence and will charge the person, but if they tell the truth to the insurance company, the police remove the charge. We don't suspect there will be a problem here as even the mother was admitting it was the girl's fault, as the girl did immediately following the accident.

Anyway, I saw that what Carey had said was accurate. The car was "obliterated" and yet the passenger and driver sides of the car were completely intact, the windshield was fine (the one we'd replaced only a few months prior), all of the interior contents were fine, Carey was - for the most part - fine, and yet the car was totaled.

We learned what they do with the rest of the crap that gets thrown on the road in accidents - they throw the crap in the back seat of your car.

Carey took the day off, and will likely do the same tomorrow. She's more sore today than yesterday and catching up on Dexter in between phone calls.

Some more images, in no particular order:

Rear damage from the Le Sabre spinning around and clipping the back of the Forester:
Forester Totaled 418

The airbag. Carey thought her car was on fire from the smoke and the burning smell:
Forester Totaled Airbag

This is what they do with the crap that falls off your car - dump it in the back:
Forester Totaled Junk

Front of the Subaru Forester:
Forester Totaled Front

A bit of a lower angle (with the flash on):
Forester Totaled Front Low

The passenger side wasn't as damaged:
Forester Totaled Passenger Side

We're happy and fortunate that Carey is, so far, only bruised and sore:
Carey's Subaru Forester Totaled