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Wife’s New CR-V

So despite what some people seemed to think based on this post :-), the Honda CR-V was the clear-cut winner. The main reason? We prefer to keep our cars for about eight years, and in eight years someone who lives in our house will be 16, so we bought her a car too. The Kia hasn't had anywhere near enough years of "good reliability" to trust it. I'm not sure I'd even buy it if it was for me with no back-end gifting… (Then again, I'm not sure I'd be comparing it to a CR-V, either.)

Honda CR-V

Anyway, we ended up paying a few hundred dollars under invoice even after including all-season floor mats, a cargo mat, and a cargo cover. We splurged a bit and got a 10-year, 120k warranty because it was relatively inexpensive, we're not going anywhere, and it covers everything.

The model? A Honda CR-V 4WD Automatic EX-L with Navigation. It's basically the "fully loaded" model, except that it doesn't have these as standard features:

  • No HomeLink or an automatically darkening rearview mirror.
  • No fog lights.
  • No roof rack or rails.
  • No trailer hitch.
  • No Backup Sensors (the camera might not be enough).

The color is "Polished Metal Metallic." Most people seem to get pastel CR-Vs, so this one stands out about as much as a Honda CR-V can…