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I've joined Shelfari and, though it's still too early to tell if I'm going to use it frequently, I plan to and hope you'll sign up and be a friend.

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog

2 Responses to "Shelfari"

  1. I've been trying a whole bunch of these sites (Goodreads, Readernaut) but neither has managed to interest me enough so far. Ideally I'd like a site with a companion iPhone app (or even just mobile-optimized site) so I can manage it from my iPhone.

    I signed up for this one, but now I get internal server errors as soon as I try to add books.

  2. I haven't seen any server errors, but I think that one of the problems intrinsic in sites like these are that there's simply not a lot to talk about or do on the site.

    I'll check back in a few days when I have finished the book I'm reading to change the status of the book and to mark the next one as "Currently Reading," but then it'll be a week or longer before I want to go back to do it.

    I could participate in the discussions or something, but eh, it's a book, and frankly I'm too busy to care what others say. Except to add friends, because I might care what books they're reading and like, and I'll peruse the book shelves of my friends when my own reading lists dwindles.