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Christmas a Day Early

For various scheduling reasons, we're having Christmas a day early this year at our house. It will allow the most people to be here and everyone's off, so why not? And, on the off chance (i.e. Brandon forgetting to bring his dip) that someone forgets something, stores are still open to sell it to us.

I still hauled the strobes up so we got nice Christmas pictures. It's completely normal now and everyone is used to it.

Nat handed out her usual presents from the school Christmas sale. This year, the inside joke (we told her later at night) was that she'd gotten her new cousin Parker a miniature stuffed lion. The problem is it was stuffed with catnip and was labeled as a cat toy. We made several jokes about "Santa Claws" and other things of a feline variety. Nat found it funny and pointed out that it was for sale in the baby section of the toy sale, so… she wasn't the only one to make a mistake.

No dinner. Just buffet style snacks all day - cheese trays, meatballs, cookies, etc. You know, all the healthy stuff. 🙂